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Crane Cab

NANTE Crane Cab

1.Adopting cold-rolled steel plate of high quality and advanced manufacturing technology, the operator's cabin looks more smooth, beatiful designed, high strength and anti-corrosive.
2.The window is made of 5mm tempered glass, angle of view ≥230°,transparency ≥80% equipped with bottom window.
3.Non-slip insulating rubber carpet is used in the operator's cabin.
4.External surface of cabin is painted with epoxy zinc-rich primer and polyurethane topcoat. The thickness of painting is not less than 160um.
5.Interior decoration is made of fire-proofing and sound and heat insulation materials, which makes the working environment safer and more comfortable.
6.Standard configuration: Head lamp, switch of head lamp and socket
   Additional configuration: Electric fan, electric wiper, electric spayer, extinguisher, etc.