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C40 C track Festoon System

C40 hold more heavy cables than C32

Balling Bearing Wheels

Light noise


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NANTE Festoon  system supportcondcutor cables(flat or round) and hoses(hydraulic and pneumatic applications) for delivering power & control to mobile equiptment in a safe, efficient and maintenance free method.
The cable trolleys are well inside their C-tracks and protected against phumidity dust and icing.
Nante cable trolleys not only deliver power and contol cables to mobile equipments which have reciprocal motion but also suppor large quantities of data cables including optic fibres travelling independently from the mobile machinery.

Type C40*40*2.0
Material Galvanized steel / Except C63
Weight kg/m 2
Technical data
A 40
B 40
C 13
6 2
Spacing  Max. Cable Load
1.5m 188kg
2.0m 103kg
2.5m 73kg
3.0m 49kg
4.0m 28kg

C40 Festoon System Accessories

1. Cable Trolley


Type C40 Towing Trolley C40SC End Trolley C40EC Middle Trolley C40MC
Wheels Ball bearings, hardened, galvanized
Temperature resistance Lub. grease of wheels: -30°C to +125°C
Max. travelling speed: 160m/min.
Material Carrier body: steel, galvanized
Support saddle: steel, galvanized or ABS
Bumper: neoprene
Dowel: steel, galvanized
Hardware: galvanized
Temperature: resistance: -30°C to +100°C(ABS Saddle 80°C)
Max. cable load Max. 35kg per carrier Max. 25kg per carrier Max. 35kg per carrier
Dim. Of cable (mm) Max. 75w×32δ Max. 75w×32δ Max.75w×32δ
Weight (kg) 0.52(R=50) 0.37/0.3(R=50) 0.65(R=50)

2. Joints


Type Weight kg Material
C40JS-2 0.320 Steel

3. Hanger

For Angle Steel Support

Type Weight kg Material
C40HG-5 0.220 Steel

 For C track Support

Type Weight kg Material
C40HG-2 0.280 Steel

4. End Cap

Type Weight kg Material
C40EC 0.010 Plastic

5. End Stop

Type Weight kg Material
C40ES 0.050 Steel

6. Claw (extra accessories)


Technical data  
Travel Speed * <120m/min
Temperature -40°C+125°C
Cable load <120kg
Travel Speed Cable loop depth
max.35 m/min 0.3m
35-50 m/min 0.8m
50-80 m/min 0.8m